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Billy Collins
An interview and reading with U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins. Grace Cavalieri hosts this special one-hour program.

Molly Peacock
Diary of Our Day in Painting Titles:  A day in the life of Molly Peacock.

David Kennedy
Voiceprints (Part 1) - Poetry on CD and Cassette: David Kennedy explores the magical relationship of poetry and voice.

John Kinsella
A Travel Snap of the Stirling Ranges - pure memory:  Flora, fauna, mountain peaks, guns, Brecht and Jimi Hendrix, all in the latest chapter of John Kinsella's autobiographical series.

Molly Peacock

Molly Peacock is the author of Cornucopia: New & Selected Poems, forthcoming from W. W. Norton in August, 2002. She is Poet-in-Residence at Poets' Corner, The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. She divides her time beween Tornoto and New York City. This is her first appearance in an online magazine.
Molly Peacock - A Day in the Life


This month's "A Day in the Life" piece is by Molly Peacock, who has done hers in verse.

Diary of Our Day in Painting Titles

Calico Cat?
Composition in Black, White and Orange

Woman Cantaloup Coffee Window?
Composition in Orange and Brown

Sunrise — no
Yellow Radio — yes

Hairy Man Shaving?
Hirsute Figure with Perfect Little Feet

Yoga Back Pain?
Figure in Cat Pose

Little Red Pain — no
Discoloration — maybe
Don’t Go There You’ll Never Come Back

Slender Woman & Green Salad - no
Celery Celebrity — yes

Rain Outside a Doctor's Office?
Clean Slate

Dental Implants — no
Composition in Metal and Enamel I

       Peach Bath Oil
       Coconut Macaroons
       Kitty Litter

No titles with smells!

Maroon Collection?

Circle of Love with Clouds and Hirsute Man

The Nose That Grows After You Die

Composition in Orange and White
Crabby Tabby on Duvet

Bus Tires on Wet Pavement Below in the Dark
Not a painting !!!!

Necessary Failure of Vision

Good Nights (Are Gentle)?
The Parfit Gentle Knycht?
Woman With Booklight & Blue Nightgown
Naked Gentleman under Sheets Paperweighted With Cats
Oh sleepiness
Midnight Blue with White Circle Floating




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