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1998 Holiday Special

John Tranter
John Tranter (Photo by Guy Shahar) John gives us a holiday recollection of Christmas in Australia with a reading of his poem Backyard from his latest book, Late Night Radio. Click to hear RealAudio
Kevin Pilkington
Kevin Pilkington Kevin greets us from Times Square, New York City with an excerpt from his Christmas Poem.  Click to hear RealAudio
Daniela Gioseffi
Daniela Gioseffi Daniela wishes a warm and happy holiday season with an excerpt of   poetry from her book, In Bed with the Exotic Enemy.  Click to hear RealAudio


R.T. Smith
R.T. Smith R.T. Smith celebrates the Yuletide with his intriguing poem Yule, Mall, Petting Zoo  Click to hear RealAudio


Gilbert Allen
Gilbert Allen From his home in Traveler's Rest, Gil reads his holiday poem And Then.   Click to hear RealAudio
David Graham
David Graham David recounts the exhibition of the holiday spirit at the office.  He reads a new poem, All Employee Christmas Party Click to hear RealAudio
Charles Harper Webb
Charles Harper Webb Charles celebrates the holidays with the poem, Croquet, which chronicles his childhood Christmas memories.   Click to hear RealAudio
Gregory Djanikian
Gregory Djanikian

Greg tells us what Christmas was like when he and his family first came to America from Alexandria, Egypt.  He reads the poem When I First Saw Snow.   Click to hear RealAudio

David Shevin
David Shevin David reads his poem Gerbilicious Winter for us. Click to hear RealAudio
Thomas Lux
Thomas Lux Thomas Lux offers up his holiday best with a greeting.  Click to hear RealAudio