December 2006

Leisha Douglas


Tony Barnstone
  "A Manifesto on the Contemporary Sonnet: A Personal Aesthetics"
Tony Barnstone considers the sonnet from its formal beginnings to its evolution into the twenty-first century, including some generative techniques for sonnets of your own

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Leisha Douglas is a full time psychotherapist and yoga teacher who uses any spare time for writing. Her work has been published in the Gin Bender Poetry Review and The Writer. She is Media Editor for the The Hakomi Forum and the Co-Director of the Katonah Poetry Series.

The Season Of Drunken Bees    Click to hear in real audio

Misty rain, white sky, a scarlet tanager flames through trees.
A rabbit scoots into the underbrush.
Among pink phlox and sweet William,
a yellow flower cradles a bud.
Drunken bees waver and droop
wherever warmth and sweetness linger.
Hurricane air from the Carolinas presses down.
In the pet store, parrots are still, eyes open.

Last night, submerged in doubt, this morning, reverie.
From under the hem of consciousness,
anxiety mutters and clogs my throat.
We are twins, born minutes apart.
When the shadows of oaks spread like this,
I feel a grief beyond all deaths I've known.



Leisha Douglas: Poetry
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