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Maurice Manning
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Jesse Waters

Jesse Waters is a Vermont Studio Center alum and runner-up for the Iowa Review Prize. He has had work appear in various forms throughout a bunch of different magazines, many of which end with the word Review. He gets his CDs and their cases mixed up a lot.

Each Beginning Is The Furthest Thing    

Each beginning is the furthest thing
from my mind. To be hot, and hell bent
on the beginning means I've borne an ending,

have come full circle just to wind
up back where I started. To circumvent
the beginning is the furthest thing

from the heart when you find
a new lover's hand on the back of your neck;
a beginning means to have stomached an ending.

None of us have loved and not been unkind
we Braille through each other's lives and forget
why each beginning is the furthest thing

from the ending, which would give anything to be the beginning—
an ending is rarely warm—though strangely, love, we must admit:
each beginning means we've each sweated out the end

of something now left behind, and reminds
our hearts (and minds) why—even foolish, even still suspect—
each beginning blinds as a bright sweet thing:
A beginning means you've worn an ending.



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