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Alicia Ostriker

Alicia Ostriker

Alicia Ostriker has published eleven volumes of poetry, most recently No Heaven (U. of Pittsburgh Press, 2005), and has twice been a National Book Award finalist. She is also the author of Stealing the Language: The Emergence of Women's Poetry in America (Beacon Press, 1987) and other books of criticism.


Actually I am at the center
of your subconscious
I am the witch
the mother
the excreted
said the old woman
I'm the damned dark of the moon

Have you not observed
people don't write poetry
about flowers
these days
so what said the tulip
lightly tossing her blossom
the bees dig us

A pack of us streaming
down a city street
remembering when we were wolves
makes you stop in your tracks
even a single one of us
scares you doesn't it said the dog


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