May 2001

Carol Levin


Carol Levin is the Literary Manager of the Art Theatre of Puget Sound. She recently collaborated in translating four Chekhov plays. Her work has appeared in The Northwest Literary Forum, Comstock Review, Piedmont Literary Review and was set to music for City Cantabile Choir. In 1999, she won the Seattle Times "Winter" Grand Prize.

You Hated to Practice    Click to hear in real audio

After school you spread your music slowly
with the palm of one hand.
In the apartment below I listened
for your harp. I lay on the floor
arms chafed by the rug
studying the ceiling as C major

sang down the wall
and along the runnel of my spine.
I knew you shifted
pedals when you tipped
the soundboard into you like a lover
for "Leibierstrom" then "Scherazade".

I felt light as a scale on steel and gut.
You would have been embarrassed
to see me wait every day: both of us hesitant
with adolescence, before
our loop began to fill with time
in the darkening room.



Carol Levin: Poetry
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