Spring 2005

Rebecca Bednarz


This marks an author's first online publication Rebecca Bednarz currently lives and writes in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her poems are forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, Hunger Mountain, and Cimarron Review.
A Letter    

I meant to ask you
the blue dress's price,
how much icing sugar
in the cherry squares.

How little makeup
did you draw onto
your eye? Were you
concerned I came

to you an only child,
not a boy? When you
fell in love, did you
know your death would

be soon? Outside this
window, your birdhouse
survives every winter.
Seed, berries, so little

help the wrens need,
scavenging aimlessly
through the icy grass.
I meant to ask who

gave you the string of
black pearls, who the
other laughing woman
in the photograph was.



Rebecca Bednarz: Poetry
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