Summer 2005

Patrick Phillips


Patrick Phillips Patrick Phillips’ first book, Chattahoochee, received the 2005 Kate Tufts Discovery Award, and was published by the University of Arkansas Press in 2004. His poems have appeared in many magazines, including Poetry, Ploughshares, and The Nation. Among his honors are a "Discovery"/ The Nation Award, The Sjoberg Translation Prize, and a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Copenhagen. He is currently a MacCracken Fellow in Renaissance Literature at New York University.

A History Of Twilight    Click to hear in real audio

              They are more fathers than sons themselves now.
              —Donald Justice

When the sky is full of day each night
and all the little windows glow,

I lie back on a Star Wars pillow
and give the performance of my life:

playing the role of my father, reading
a bedtime story to my sons,

my voice so strangely his it comes
to me: that such am I to them,

though to myself I'm still, forever
the one who shines over the book:

the bright boy shining a little brighter
every time his father looks.



Patrick Phillips: Poetry
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