Spring 2006

Julie Larios


Julie Larios Julie Larios has had work published in such magazines as The Atlantic, The Georgia Review, Threepenny Review, Ploughshares, and ZYZZYVA, and online at Swink, Octopus, and McSweeney's. Her third children's book, Yellow Elephant, has just been released by Harcourt Books.
What Bee Did    Click to hear in real audio

Bee not only buzzed.
When swatted at, Bee deviled,
Bee smirched. And when fuddled,
like many of us, Bee labored, Bee reaved.
He behaved as well as any Bee can have.

Bee never lied. Bee never lated.
And despite the fact Bee took, Bee also stowed.
In love, Bee seiged. Bee seeched.
Bee moaned, Bee sighed himself,
Bee gat with his Beloved.

And because Bee tokened summer
(the one season we all, like Bee, must lieve)
Bee also dazzled.



Julie Larios: Poetry
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