June 2006

Jack Foley


Jack Foley Jack Foley’s poetry books include Letters/Lights--Words for Adelle (Mother's Hen, 1987), Gershwin (1991), Exiles (Pantograph Press, 1996), Adrift (Pantograph Press, 1993), and Greatest Hits 1974-2003 (Pudding House Publications, 2004). His critical books include the companion volumes, O Powerful Western Star and Foley’s Books, both by Pantograph Press in 2000. His radio show, Cover to Cover, is heard every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. on Berkeley, CA station KPFA and is available at the KPFA web site; his column, Foley’s Books, appears in the online magazine, The Alsop Review.
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after Garcia Lorca's "Cancion de Jinete (1860)"

the red moon
the red horse
and the spurs

little one,
where are you taking your dead rider?
where do you take him
the dead man
who is no longer your rider

the thief
whose open wound is a flower
a rose
for the red moon
& the red horse

(now the master
plunging onward)

the spurs sing
as you plunge

little one,
where are you taking your dead rider?
what door will open for him there
under the red clay?—

the red moon
& the red wound
that took his life

on a red horse he rides
into an endless

dawn (doom) breaks
on the boundless

as he rides
to red



Jack Foley: Poetry
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