February 2007



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For our cover art, we thank photographer Ethan Salter. The stark street quality of this photograph makes it an excellent complement to the voices in Issue 34.
Ethan Salter

 Editor's Note

Dear Readers:

With the Winter Feature—Jennifer Wallace's Sonnet Feature—newly delivered, The Cortland Review staff took the month of January off while the left-brained types amongst us (Guy Shahar, Jim Lewis, and Greg Nicholl) managed the migration of our entire Website to a new and much larger server, thus securing TCR's ten years of text and audio archives and providing space for more of what we do best well into the distant future.

In addition to our new server, TCR reports an audio upgrade. From this issue forward, you will be able to hear TCR audio via Adobe Flash Player, probably already downloaded on your computer. With Flash, when you click on the audio symbol, you'll enjoy the convenience of immediately streaming audio without having to wait for a download. If you are unable to hear the audio on this issue's pages, you need to download Flash Player which is free here. Audio designated by the RealAudio symbol from Issues and Features prior to 2007 are still accessible via RealPlayer. RealPlayer can be downloaded free here.

So it is with profound respect and sadness that The Cortland Review says goodbye to Jim Lewis, TCR's longtime general magician in all matters technical, now promoted to Web Manager Emeritus with our sincere gratitude for his sticking with us long enough to make those two major changes. Jim's five-plus years of time, skill, dedication, and unflappable heart through hundreds of nocturnal hours are the reason The Cortland Review has landed uninterruptedly in your in-box, and everyone at TCR wishes Jim good luck, God speed, and a well-deserved rest. Greg Nicholl, who joined TCR in August, will move into Jim's posh corner office with the skyline view and "Web Manager" on the door.

As we celebrate Jim Lewis's contribution to The Cortland Review, we celebrate also the addition of two new staff: Poetry Editor Scott Challener, a teacher in the College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program at Boston University and a contributor to TCR's Issue 33, and Fiction Editor Jason Githens, just graduated from Warren Wilson's M.F.A Program for Writers. Welcome to both of you!

And we send wishes for safe travel to staffer Seth Perlow, who is languishing somewhere in Paris during this semester's sojourn prior to beginning his PhD studies.

Thus it is that The Cortland Review presents the new and familiar voices of Issue 34.

See you at AWP in Atlanta!

Ginger Murchison


Issue 34 Cover Page
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