February 2007

Erin Bealmear


Erin Bealmear's poetry has appeared in Nerve Cowboy, Opium, CrossConnect, 3 AM Magazine, Black Bear Review, Identity Theory, Main Street Rag, Kiosk, Potpourri, 2River View, Pif, W.I.G. (Women in General), and elsewhere.

Things That Drive Me Crazy    

Whenever a person gives you a compliment
you twitch back
the corner
of your mouth
in a little half smile
not wanting to appear
as if you care
and each time you do it
I want to jump
on you
snake my legs
around your body
and kiss you
all over
your face.




When Jack finally asked me
on a date
I was so nervous
that I thought
I might pass out
or worse
so I told him yes,
I'll go out
with you,
but don't wear nice shoes
because I may very well throw-up
on your feet.



Detroit Rock City    

My city isn't the coolest city
or the thinnest city
or the safest city
it's more like a shadow
of a city
but it knows it
knows its reputation
and it's not all that concerned
it looks at other cities
cuter more popular cities
and it says I don't care
what you think of me
I'm not interested
in your fabulousity
and furthermore
fuck you.



Erin Bealmear: Poetry
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