February 2010

    Issue 46


  Awake Evening!

"Awake Evening!"
23" x 28", mixed media/panel.

Claude Carone

Carone is an intuitive painter. He may start a canvas with a gesture and then respond to that gesture with another until he sees and feels the beginning of a visual composition. As he goes back to a painting, he may re-enter into a situation that he then plays into or finds a certain rhythm in the painting or a dialoge between the image and the space and responds to it. He paints on wooden panels with casein, powdered pigment, polymer and wax. The resulting work is sometimes brooding but an always energetic painting that emanates from his ability to tap the unconscious and let his body channel these emotions into a rhythmic and dynamic composition.

 Editor's Note

Can you see the grass yet where you are? Even here on all the Peachtree Streets in Atlanta; even in Mobile, Alabama, where I was celebrating Mardi Gras; even on the campus of SMU where snowball fights broke out; even in Florida . . . Even in Florida! Snow. Everywhere but Hawaii. Forty-nine states experiencing snow on February 12th, an event so rare there are no records about whether or when it's happened before. All this while Canada has problems producing enough for the Olympic slopes. My grandmother would have said it's because we sent up that space shuttle the week before. Snow or no snow, space shuttle or no space shuttle, Cortland Review is here with Issue 46, the perfect companion to a cup of hot chocolate on a snow day.

Issue 46 boasts Claude Carone's "Wake Evening" on its cover. Claude began his studies in New York at the New York Studio School, but he was no stranger to art at that time, having grown up with a father who was a major contributor to the Abstract Expressionist school, Nicolas Carone, a contemporary and comrade of Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning, and other founding fathers of the abstract expressionist movement. After the New York Studio School, Claude continued his education at the Maryland Institute of Art and then, independently, in Rome, Italy. He has exhibited in various cities in England, Italy, and the United States. See more of his work at the John Davis Galley website.

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