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K. A. Hays

K. A. Hays

K. A. Hays' second book of poetry, Early Creatures, Native Gods, was released this year. Her work has appeared recently in venues such as Best American Poetry and The American Poetry Review. Hays currently teaches at Bucknell University.


I asked the flood,
Are you happy?
and the flood ran on mutely
with a flush of brown cheek
and a turned-away eye—
laying down no speech.

But the traffic light buzzing
spoke green to the rush of sticks.
Told the flood, Go.

I did not ask the light,
Are you happy?
I became the light.
The flood sallied forth,
pressed beneath me,
and I spoke gold, then red,
then green again,

and was not happy.
And so became the flood.
And turned away.


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