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Martin Jude Farawell

Martin Jude Farawell

Martin Jude Farawell is the author of a chapbook, Genesis: A Sequence of Poems, and his work has appeared in a wide range of journals and anthologies. His plays have been performed off-off-Broadway and by regional, college, community and international theaters. A graduate of New York University's Creative Writing Program, he directs the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival.


We want and want
                               until want
                                                is a fibrous growth
we can finger,
                        we can
                                     nudge along
beneath the skin,
                            that swells
a great
            wandering weight,
                                           constantly shifting
our center of gravity,
                                           we tilt
into each other,
                         and offer,
                                          not our heart,
but this
             malignant lump,
                                        saying, "Feel it.  
        how big it's grown.  
                                        I have named it
after you."


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