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Daniel Bosch

Daniel Bosch

Daniel Bosch is the author of a collection of poems, Crucible, published by Other Press in 2002. His poems, translations, essays, and reviews have appeared in Poetry, Slate, The New Republic, The TLS, The Huffington Post, Berfrois, The Daily Beast, and many other publications. He lives in Chicago.


ἀλλ' ἔων φίλος ἄμμι
             And since you are my friend
λέχος ἄρνυσο νεώτερον·
             Get yourself a younger bedmate
οὐ γὰρ τλάσομ' ἔγω συνοί-
             For I can’t bear to keep house together
κην ἔοισα γεραιτέρα ...
             Being the elder

                          —Sappho (Lobel-Page fragment 121.
                                                       Translation by Jim Powell)

At twenty,
The interminable waiting
Over an aerobed's slow inflating,
The hair dryer's hot-pink tip  
Poised at the lip
Of the valve, the rude plast-
Ic cap, and me, and she—
None of us getting screwed fast.  

At fifty,
My once-stiff vinyl bed
Grows slowly flaccid,
And your willingness to patch it
Deserves an ardor, love, to match it.
Go home.  I'll sleep alone
Tonight, and rise at three
To take a slow leak of my own.

You say you'll fuck old
      Randy me, right here, right now,

On this antique?
      My belt shall stay buckled.

You've time to hear a few
      Brand-new beds squeak

Before I learn from you
      To play the cuckold.

My bed is old, and cold, though you might be hot in it.
Find a newer bed, dear friend—my heart is not in it.

My bed is your age!
      Go find a younger lover.
I haven't got the courage
      Forever to be older.


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