May 2000

Margaret Holley


Margaret Holley Margaret Holley's fourth book of poems, Kore in Bloom, was published by Copper Beech in the fall of 1998. The poems in this issue will appear in her chapbook, Walking through the Horizon, Winner of the 1999 Nova House Press Chapbook Award. She directs the Creative Writing Program at Bryn Mawr College.

Night Air    Click to hear in real audio

Trees dividing an afternoon sky
   from a lamplit street,
day and night in the same scene:
   this painting Monsieur Magritte

titled "The Empire of Lights."
   "Mysteries of the Horizon"
shows three bowler-hatted men
   with a moon afloat over each one.

"I detest my past," he once said
   and painted not city lights
but stars on the black houses
   under an empty sky--"Night

and Day." Part of the past I love
   is when my father lies
on the couch on the back porch
   watching the moon rise

on a world we call "Lake Shore Drive,"
   a place of awakenings,
a dream of complete surprise
   at the eloquence of things:

the softness of cashmere,
   the smell of a cigarette,
the night air in a backyard.
   He is such a quiet man that

at times I don't understand
   what he means at all.
"Come and watch the moon,"
   he whispers, but he may as well

shout "Wake up, we're here!"
   And for a moment there
is only one moon among the clouds
   over Lake St. Clair.




Margaret Holley: Poetry
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