November 2000

Michael Brooks Cryer


Michael Brooks Cryer received his MFA from the University of Arizona in May of 1999. Since then he has worked as a freelance writer and is a contributing editor to the poetry e-zine pith. His poems have appeared in Brown Dog Review, South Ash Press, EVO, and pith. He currently lives in Los Angeles.
Small Things    Click to hear in real audio

I’m always dropping things that are small
and using my wife’s compact
mirror to retrieve them. Close to the floor
sometimes my breath leaves faint circles
of moisture, suggesting I’m still alive.
The small things are just down the hall
and remind me I have hands when I reach for
their surfaces. My wife is more ambitious.
She is in the backyard looking at the planets.
They appear small to her at first,
then through a telescope she thinks she’s
looking into someone else’s eye.



Michael Brooks Cryer: Poetry
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