November 2000

Larry Wayne Johns


Larry Wayne Johns's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Image, Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, and River Styx, among others. His chapbook, An Invisible Veil Between Us (Thorngate Road), received the first annual Frank O'Hara Award.
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We're at a standstill—the river's a stained
glass panel of inverted trees.
Waterstriders distort the image.

The mosquitoes are slower after the first frost,
following the carbon trails of our breath.
They probably won't survive tonight's freeze.

Since the light is almost gone, we dig in.
Struggling oar against oar,
we eventually strike a rhythm,

disturbing the quiet with the slap
of our strokes. The canoe scrapes rock.
I stab the paddle into the shallows

and shove off the bottom.
A blue heron glides downriver,
its long neck like a fluted vase.

Stick-legged and gawky, it lands at the bend.
We pull the paddles in and coast
to see how close we can get.



Larry Wayne Johns: Poetry
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