August 2001

Christina Daub


Christina Daub grows plums. She co-founded and co-edited The Plum Review and co-founded and co-directs The Plum Writers Retreat. She teaches at the Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland and in the Maryland Poets-in-the-Schools program. She has forthcoming poems in Mothering and in A Brief History of the Paradelle, edited by Billy Collins.
Somewhere Between Yes and No     

Somewhere along the wall you walk
between thicket and order,
bramble and parkland,
the blackberries call
and the turtles on logs—
even the ducks dozing,
beaks tucked into their down,
nod you into the tall grass,
the trespassed afternoon.
So you think, Yes, why not,
what could be better
than disappearing into the lazy
chaos, the scraggy wildness,
unkempt, unbothered, unhuman—
o joy—to lower a bare leg into it,
when suddenly No slides up
its shiny new ladder, calling
you down to its side, all pruned
and laid out, signposted,
monitored. Of course
you'll do the right thing, No says,
you'll pick up, start, plan
and take care, until you're caught
teetering, your head in the trees,
your feet on the wall,
and the whole lake churning
with possibilities.




Christina Daub: Poetry
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