May 2002

Sarolina Shen Chang


Sarolina Shen Chang has been published in Chinese newspapers in Taiwan and the U.S. Her Collected Works of Short-Short Fictions (Si Li Ji Duan Pian) was published in Chinese in 1993. She began writing poetry in English in 1998. One of her poems will soon be published in Wayne State University's Wayne Literary Review. In late September of this year, she will read her Chinese poems at the bi-annual conference for the Overseas Chinese Women Writers' Association. She now works at Schoolcraft College Radcliff Library in Michigan.

Morning Walk In Mayfair Subdivision 

The county crew are removing the wooden planks
Around the corners of the sidewalks

They believe the north wind
Has honored their requests

They trust the early frost
Has rushed their works

There are no sketches from the hurried birds
There are no kisses from the scurried leaves

There are restrains from the detoured dogs
There are complaints from the demurred ducks

I look for the cobblestone streets
From Li Po's Dynasty

I find this blank page
Of a new journey




Sarolina Shen Chang: Poetry
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