May 2002

Jennifer Firestone


Jennifer Firestone's poetry has appeared in the South Carolina Review, Passages North, Parnassus Literary Journal, The Brownstone Review, The Comstock Review, So to Speak, Phoebe, and elsewhere. She has taught poetry and composition at DePaul and Roosevelt universities and is currently living in New York. She is completing a book of poems called Holiday.

Sun Stream 

We both know your mother
is dying of cancer
that your father is telling you
to breed.

Veins of your hands startle.
The paleness of your skin
seems unkind.

And though you continue
to cook
the lines are there.

The looks at your lover
are there.

And all the art & laws feel nominal.

And the strong and stronger

Your arms cross as if
to hold you in.

Eager to love the sun stream.

Eager to understand the perspectives.




Jennifer Firestone: Poetry
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