November 2003

Scott Bailey


Scott Bailey (Photo by David Wood) Scott Bailey is a writer-in-residence and consultant for the Mississippi Arts Commission. His work has recently appeared in The Adirondack Review, Poems Niedergnasse, The Gay Read, The Journal, The Southeast Review and Verse Daily.
The Last Supper    Click to hear in real audio

We hear swallows breaking the backs of worms.
I ask if he's eating and his answer is beans,
black Peruvian beans as he slows his face
to the bowl. If anything breaks, he says, it's meant to.
This is not the fear of his dying body,
he refuses, but a tattoo of his childhood,
hours full of shelling beans, sorting the undeveloped from the developed,
a process much like the way he sorts his life,
hazy face in a hospital gown, bald head in hospital air,
a clean cold, eyes like soup bowls that comfort the bed sheets
holding his skin like warm water,
his bare shoulder blades bulging like half-closed gates.
This is a going until he's blinded, when meaning troubles meaningó
the sick sick sick of being sickó



Scott Bailey: Poetry
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