November 2003

Patrick O'Hearn


Patrick O'Hearn is a founding member of the Unweeded Garden Theatre Company located in Sudbury, Ontario. He has had two plays published by Blizard Publishing and is in the process of completing his first book of poetry called Refractions.
Time Chasing Man    

to the postal clerk
standard time is exit, end
of the day mailbag

approximated comment
of late night weather,

weather or whether
not—such to say—finger drum,
the clock and the train—

get going.  get lost.



McLuhan, M    

infected, democracy defective
and the way that's done is done
by the press.
impressionism and communism
can only think what's dead is dead—

seems to think my baby
in her red juxtaposition dress.



Poems That Should Not Be Shown    

because there are many hours
in a day, many steps and many
turns to make, what she is
becomes the many ways of nothing
one should say or do or make promise
of to.



Patrick O'Hearn: Poetry
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