Winter 2004

Mark Yakich


Mark Yakich Mark Yakich's first book of poems, Unrelated Individuals Forming a Group Waiting to Cross, is forthcoming from Viking Penguin as part of the 2003 National Poetry Series.

Reluctant Prophet    Click to hear in real audio

And for example, I,
Jonah, am large
in my way. Little

by little, tooth
by tooth, the body swells;
bits fit in, the sound of

herringbone teeth;
the pieces unfold, neat
and distinct, the end

circuit leaves a handful
of shit. This—the whale's
inky body, my body

of work—a shadow
when two things touch.
We cut into the sea.

My voice an echo of
ice. We cut into
the sea. The beast's

voice: a ripple, a thigh,
the whole fleshy
fever, sextan.




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