Winter 2005

Jennifer Wallace


Jennifer Wallace Jennifer Wallace teaches at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore Maryland. She is co editor of the chapbook, Voices from Behind Bars: a Collection of Writings from Women at the Westchester County Correctional Facility. Her poems and prose have been published in Lumina, Mars Hill Review, American Writing, Sarah Lawrence Review, Christian Poetry Review, Eye-Dialect and Fortune News. Her collaborations with other artists include the 1998 exhibition entitled Subject to Change with sculptor Linda Bills and musical settings of original poems with poet, Heidi Hart and composer, Richard Smith. This work, entitled Psalms of Water and Stone, was recorded in June, 2003.

Sequestered in their wiry pods,
the hibiscus opened last night after a long silence.

While we mimicked stones in our shared bed,
the big lusty blooms burst into being,
half-human and full as the moon.

We practice avoidance this morning;
a marriage of papery faces nods in the sun�
ox-blood, pearl and the pink-throated one�

their enviable tongues already discovered by the bees.



Jennifer Wallace: Poetry
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