February 2008

Brian Fogarty


This marks an author's first online publication Brian Fogarty is an honors graduate of the creative writing program at Florida State University. He currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and son. His story "Hunting the Oil Fields" recently appeared in the Spring 2007 G.W. Review.


A warm gulf breeze
floated in over the pavestones
behind the Cà d'Zan,
stirring quiet palm fronds and
waking birds languid
in cascading banyan vines.
We stood hand in hand
in the shadow of luxury,
you and I, nothing to our names
but a half-pack of cigarettes,
beer money for the beach,
passes to the museum,
and a dream of old age:
wrinkled eyes and scraggled fingers
still locked together,
somewhere a child or two
not calling on our birthdays,
and a small place by the water.



Brian Fogarty: Poetry
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