February 2008

Vivek Sharma


This marks an author's first online publication Vivek Sharma grew up in Himachal Pradesh, a state in the Himalayas in North India. With an undergraduate degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, he is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Polymers at Georgia Institute of Technology. He publishes research in science journals, and writes poems in English, Hindi, and Urdu, the latest of which is forthcoming in Terminus.
Ghazal: Your Face    

Captivated I sit here; you have a portrait face.
Several tasks await me, can't forsake your face.

Laugh at me, look at me, even if to ignore me.
My twenty-seven years light up, at a turn of your face.

The blue pearls, like pendulums, sway at your ears,
even they dance, delighted to be near your face.

A thousand ships I can launch, for your one glimpse,
a hundred Illiads write, just describing your face.

Your dark eye lashes hunt like Karan, Eklavya, Arjun.
What Swayamvar I won't attempt, to get your princess face!

Leonardo made a masterpiece, from a plain Jane Monalisa,
Imagine Renaissance's fate, if masters saw your face.

Is forever joy, Keats said, must have thought of you,
Failed to find on earth,  seeks in heaven your face.

After death, we're judged, we go to heaven or hell,
Vivek no longer cares, I've seen your face.

(Even Karan, Arjun and Eklavya, the best archers in Mahabharata,
attended Swayamvar, a requirement in ancient India. A princess chose
her man herself for his valor or his face.)



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