May 2008

    ISSUE 39


  Man in the Sky

"Man in the Sky"
(6 X 8 size)
Guy Shahar

 Editor's Note

This issue's cover photograph, "Man in the Sky," the work of our own Editor-in-Chief Guy Shahar, says everything about our exuberance at ten years of The Cortland Review. Guy Shahar's brainchild, TCR was the first journal online to publish in both audio and text, and this issue continues his vision.

As part of our tenth-anniversary celebration, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, Anne Marie Macari, Maurice Manning, David Rigsbee, and Patricia Smith, all voices from within TCR pages, read for The Cortland Review at 2008's AWP in New York City. Click on each name (above) to access the YouTube video.

To read and listen to your other favorite poets, click on "Authors" in the menu bar, where you'll find an unbelievable ten years of poetry archives (audio and text).

And check out this issue's Featured Book. We're celebrating CLOUD JOURNAL, the sixth poetry collection of our very own David Rigsbee. The collection's stunning cover is the artwork of Jill Bullitt, David's wife.

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Ginger Murchison


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