May 2008

Ron Houchin


Ron Houchin's work has appeared in The Southwest Review, The New Orleans Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Northwest, and others. His three books are Death and the River (Salmon, 1997), Moveable Darkness (Salmon, 2002), and Among Wordless Things (Wind Publications, 2004), which was awarded the AWA Appalachian Book of the Year in Poetry for 2005.

Last Night Five Young Owls    

came sidestepping onto a high limb
to test their question on the moon,
the river under blue light, and the clouds
that cluttered the hills around the horizon.

Near where I stood about
to pour my cold coffee down the bank,
some bird settling for the night, and perhaps older
than the quintet, heard their choir. I could not think

why he seemed so restless up there,
unless he heard them singing his theme,
the moon's dissolution, the river's disappearance
in air. But I should not see so much in their

question, the hollow night,
the open nest, or glowing dilated eyes.



Ron Houchin: Poetry
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