May 2009

    Issue 43


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Greg Nicholl

 Editor's Note

The woods are exuberant with all this green, and on the other side of this window is Atlanta's own 'widening spell of the leaves.' Regardless what Mother Nature has taken upon herself to throw at you and whatever the economy has chosen to take from you, TCR's Issue 43 arrives with gifts and its own exuberance, beginning with the comforting color and perfection of form in the richly beautiful concentric circles in our cover photograph, the work of TCR's own Greg Nicholl, titled "Underneath."

Sincere thanks go as always to every one of our readers, to every contributor who patiently waits out his turn in our submissions queue, to our poetry and fiction editors who make the hard decisions, and to all the rest on this staff who do what they do with unstinting generosity that expresses itself in a genuine love for the arts.

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Ginger Murchison

The Winter 2008 Gerald Stern Feature with video and audio:

The AWP Tenth Anniversary Readings in video and audio:
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Anne Marie Macari:
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