May 2009

Luke Hankins


Luke Hankins received his M.F.A. from Indiana University in 2009. He is an associate editor of Asheville Poetry Review, and his poems have appeared in Marginalia, The Other Journal, Poetry East, Ruminate, Southern Poetry Review, and Sow's Ear Poetry Review, among other places.

Please Follow the Instructions    

Read carefully
and pay attention
because we're gonna move,
my friend, we're gonna go
together for a moment
or two, so step
with me, if you will.
We're on our way,
we're making progress,
smooth and steady now.
We're building a momentum
much smaller than a heavy train's,
gliding in the night,
but momentum nonetheless.
Now, slow
down, slow down,
and at my cue, stop and read
from the bottom of the page up—
Ok, stop and begin again
at the last line now.
      this unforeseen
      through the page,
      this ascent
      of our downward trend,
      this abandonment
      of direction,
      this change
      for you and me—
      I had in store
      in mind, all
      This is all I had
      with new momentum.
      We're moving again
      Good, very good.
      this eccentric motion?
      Have you followed
      each other again?
      Have we found 
      you're reaching for.
      Yes, this is the hand



Luke Hankins: Poetry
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