May 2009

Dan Lewis


Dan Lewis resides in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he earns his living as a technical writer and lives his earning as a poet. Old enough to know better, he still finds himself walking in the world agog. Publication credits include The Worcester Review, Diner, Beloit Poetry Journal, Paper Street, Segue, Poemeleon and others.

Landscape with Coin    

A Mexican farmer appears on the horizon. You rummage in your
pockets for meaning, but there is nothing here to be understood.
The strategists—the writers of the ads and speeches—are off
playing poker with the queen. Someone has kicked in the television
screen; useless as a door, it sits in the ditch, gathering flies. The child
is eating a bowl of marbles; he looks at you with vacant eyes. The
barber, grinning, taps a razor against the red white and blue pole and
utters a single word: "relevance." Although you cannot see them, you
are certain that the field is filled with crows.



Dan Lewis: Poetry
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