November 2009

Rosalind Brenner


Rosalind Brenner received her M.F.A. in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. Her poems have been published in The Southampton Review, Long Island Sounds, Walt's Corner, Poetrybay, and others. She has won 2nd place in The North Sea Poetry Scene annual contest, 2nd place in The Farmingdale Poetry Contest and Honorable Mentions in two New Millennium Writings national contests.

Downpour, June 2009    

not rain
shards of mirror
fall from the sky fall
through earth    

a failure of belief

sun's betrayal           a storm beyond

reason    tells me
let go this goose-
step march      legs high
and strong but headed wrong
box the thing to the ground
turn around      live            

not rain  this is

forgetting                 pieces
of glass cutting
the pool    blue symmetry
drops nettling
the surface

not rain   this is
bodies falling
plane exploding         their horror

to fall out of the sky
to watch their children

nightmare rain enters me
if I allow     can't stop its

stealth approach
the following sonic boom—sit
here        in rain
torrents beat the courtyard

panic and grace crack me open


the unremitting sound of this

I am not me
I am outpour
this rain



Rosalind Brenner: Poetry
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