November 2009

Elizabeth Volpe


Elizabeth Volpe's Brewing in Eden won the 2007 Robert Watson Poetry Award from Greensboro Review/Spring Garden Press. Her poems have appeared in Atlanta Review, Connecticut Review, Crab Orchard, River Styx, can be seen on Verse Daily and heard on the audio site From the Fishouse. She won The Briarcliff Review 2004 Poetry Contest, the 2006 Metro Detroit Writers Contest, the 2008 Juniper Prize from Alligator Juniper, and has been nominated for Best New Poets 2008 and 2009.

Love Poem    

You know I wouldn't dream
of swallowing goldfish, stunning
the sleepy torpedo-ish bee, zagging
in the zig zone. Not to worry,
Dear, you won't catch me
cooking with curry, raising
the ante, removing coins from
fountains. I have no wish to wander
dark alleys, step to the edge, leap
on the backs of tigers. I won't huff,
puff, press the point, stuff my face,
paint the town. I don't care to climb
beanstalks, dance hip-hop, ride bareback
blindfolded. You can trust me to never split
infinitives, dangle participles, tickle
you in your sleep, wear red kimonos
with black dragons, tattoo my tennis shoes
with tercets. Truly, it's perfectly safe
to turn your back, loosen your chain mail, drop
the globe from your shoulders. Yes,
set it down, Dear, close your eyes,
sleep tight, dream easy.



Elizabeth Volpe: Poetry
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