Laura Sobbott Ross

Laura Sobbott Ross
Laura Sobbott Ross's poetry appears or is forthcoming in The Valparaiso Review, Florida Review, Calyx, Columbia Review, Natural Bridge, Tar River Poetry, and Cold Mountain Review, among others. She has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize, a Best of the Web 2011, a finalist in the Creekwalker Poetry Prize, and was named a runner-up in the Dallas Poets Community's 2011 Poetry Chapbook Competition.

He Never Called

I pass an apartment where twenty years ago
I spent the night with a guy who shared my birthday.

Toothpaste spackled in the corners of his mouth
that morning when we said goodbye.

My heart a smooth pebble I'd probed between
my fingers in the pocket of my black dress

as I drove past the same dandelion-shaped fountain,
thistled in a soft globe of spouting waters.

The floor beneath, anchored with a broken
rosary of copper coins,

the raised imprint of years vertigreed in rust.
What did I wish that morning before

I'd tossed it in, shine already wearing thin,
succession of something pearled sliding

across a snapped thread, a name
now I can't recall, obsidian as an O

etched on water skin and spreading
like a ripple from lip to concrete lip.