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Seth Perlow

Seth Perlow

Seth Perlow is a doctoral candidate in English at Cornell University, where he studies American poetry, critical theory, and new media. His critical writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Wallace Stevens Journal, Convergence, Mantis, and In Media Res. His poetry and literary translation have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies, including Horse Less Review, elimae, Opium, and TextSound. His chapbook, Robot Portrait of Homo Futurus, appeared from P.S. Books in 2009.

Sonnet For Caetlin, #5

When we are talking about nothing, I
am talking about you. For instance, when
the weather complicates things, you sweep my
legs from under me. You lift me and then
settle me down somewhere. Regularly
one of us discovers, behind us, not
much happening. It matters what we see,
but still more, what sees itself in us. What-
ever keeps happening next, I see no
alternative to small joy in small things,
to nodding along like the sky nods—so
whitely and muffled. How lightly love swings
through our atmospheres—a trapeze of small
knots tending, but not managing, to fall.