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Nick Conrad

Nick Conrad

Nick Conrad’s work continues to appear in a number of national and international journals, most recently Orbis (UK), Southern Poetry Review, Blast Furnace 2015, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Kentucky Review, Badlands, and Stoneboat. His work has appeared in various anthologies, been featured on Verse Daily and received favorable mention on


Above those stony ruins that strewed
a thin beach, atop granite-walled cliffs,
pines rooted, campion bloomed. That first night was so
bright with light we saw the islands off coast,
the heron nests, treetop-lodged. It was there,
atop those wind-blasted heights, we first took hold.

Remembrance (Tithonus?)

that like the trumpet sun
shot gold the night;

wind buffeted, having been
now waits to be;

like a cicada
wakes to its own song.

Great Blue Heron

A blue gray piece of sky,
some lost thunder cloud moored
among the mallows, some shadow
cast on the green algae
that beads between stalks. Startled
into flight, wings noisy prop blades;
then, a pause to glide and gaze,
form a bolt of lightning,
cry a kind of thunder.


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