August 1999

Lyn Lifshin

Lyn Lifshin   Lyn Lifshin has written more than 100 books and edited 4 anthologies of writing by women. Her poems have appeared in many poetry and literary magazines in the USA. She has taught poetry and prose and won numerous awards including the Jack Kerouac Award. Her new book is Cold Comfort by Black Sparrow Press.
In Those Loose Robes, Some Say Jesus  Click to hear in real audio
was a Flasher, An Exhibitionist, I Suppose   

you'd say, but
who could blame him.
As a baby, he was
beloved, especially fawned
over when his penis
was displayed. you
can see it in
every painting. Nothing
vague like the
crotch of Ken
doll but a definite
little pecker. Some
times he's got
his pickle in his
hand, like a
rattle and everyone
smiles, drawn to it like
a conductor's baton.
Even when his
arms are in white
gauze, his
weenie is out
there, dangling, big for
a baby and as central
to the painting
as a knee on a
leg. Often even Mary
is pointing toward
it as if to make
sure you understand
J.C. is the god head,
the halo and the penis,
flesh and blood proof
of God's humanity
and the divinity of man. 



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