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Stacey Park

Stacey Park

Stacey Park is a Korean-Canadian writer, living and working in the greater Los Angeles area at the moment. She is also a PhD student and an assistant editor for Foothill Journal. Her work has appeared in the Baltimore Review, Curator Magazine, Levee Magazine, and elsewhere.

Weekend Instructions

Lay as right angle, legs up against the wall, head
hanging off the edge of the bed, let blood
crawl, sit up, cross legs, meditate on work,
on love, on sleep, drown noise from mind, from birds'
debate, from sirens avalanching down the street,
try and meditate again, try and forget again,
open the window, let light in, let light in, let light in,
float on warmth, vitamin D rest on lips, stretch wings,
let responsibility dribble down or drop
(don't pick them up), kiss dog, dog kiss, drink
coffee, water, coffee, water, wine, wine, watch
Joan Didion documentary, don't watch the news,
walk dog, let dog discover grass like novelty,
read decadently, play with neighbor's baby,
see baby crawl on grass, see baby play with dog,
(so cute, so cute), document cuteness, send cuteness
to whoever might need this today, tidy rooms, dust
all the dust, water little succulent, big aloe, weirdo
bonsai baby aka lil' troll, panko roll some shrimp,
zucchini, broccoli, fry it up, eat again, let friends
come drink, let friends come play, yell about losing
team, cheer for winning team, let all the eyes rest,
let them be dreamy to open, gripegroan about Monday,
part with buzzed hugs, tidy again, let the dishes soak,
dim the lights, one more wine, wash face, brush hair,
teeth, floss, rinse, savor,      slow              down
before morning's sprint, open the window
let the breeze in, collapse onto bed, rub bellies
to seal a good omen: yours and dog's—


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