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Buy this book The Children Bob Moses Led
by William Heath


Milkweed Editions, 1997
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The Children Bob Moses Led is an alarming book. It seems that while the ideals of the Freedom Summer are remembered, what is forgotten (and what Heath endeavors to remind us of) is the struggle and the anguish that many people endured. William Heath portrays Bob Moses as a leader in the fight for racial equality; a man who struggled against the vituperative racism that infested the South three decades ago. Heath uses the device of the novel to communicate the story from two narrative angles (Moses, a black man. Tom Morten, a white man from the North.) Heath blends the truth of the spirit of the movement: Moses’s intentions and the times as they were in the Mississippi.

The Children Bob Moses Led goes beyond the veneer of the headlines and the news stories to uncover and make sense of what really happened. What is most important about this book, is that it compels the reader to the knowledge of the Freedom Summer. This book should alarm anyone who reads it because it is a part of our country’s history.

Further, we learn from Heath’s book that it is with a mix of intellect, force and unbreakable courage that the adequately monikered Bob Moses performed his work. William Heath’s book is one that needs to be read… not for its intelligent craftsmanship, but because it is a book that is endowed very much with the spirit of humanity.

—J.M. Spalding


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