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Stellasue Lee Stellasue Lee received her Ph.D. from Honolulu University. Her work has appeared in ONTHEBUS, Herman Review, On Target, Voices, and Blood Pudding. She is the poetry editor of Rattle. She was born in the year of the dragon.
Ah Men

And now, along comes a man
that sends a perfectly sensible woman like me
browsing through lingerie catalogs--
things satin and lace,
exquisitely shaped chemises
with lavish lace bodices;
or here,
a sheer stretch bodystocking
with re-embroidered patterns
of bows and wild geraniums
all in black.
I think about a hard rain;
answering his call in a red dress,
pressing my body against his solid frame.
If only time would advance slowly
as his fingers lifted the hem of my dress...
luxurious red satin panties
cut thigh high,
matching red embroidered bra,
beautifully scalloped lace
molding the rise and fall of my breasts--
I would capture his breath;
hold hostage his mouth.
My kiss would sit on his lips like a scarlet flower,
and the rain,
a virtual wash of filtered light
scattering fluted designs filigreeing everywhere
for a perfectly sensible woman like me.


This poem was published in the chapbook,
Morning Comes With It's Bandages Of Light, in 1997.


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