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Dorianne Laux

Dorianne Laux

Dorianne Laux's most recent collections are The Book of Men and Facts about the Moon, both from W.W. Norton. Laux is also the author of AwakeWhat We Carry, and Smoke from BOA Editions, as well as a fine press edition on Kindle, The Book of Women, from Red Dragonfly Press. Laux is founding faculty at Pacific University's Low Residency MFA Program and directs the MFA Program at North Carolina State University.


We fall open like windows
hinged at the hip. In our house,
in our bed. We fall apart
like walnut halves,
like sheet music,
like French doors.

Your hand is a glove of fire
on my thigh, my fingers
are torches.  In our house,
in our bed, the earth breathes
beneath us, the pitched roof
snaps off and flies past
the shoulders of the sky.

Somewhere a piano unleashes
its teeth and you taste the bitters
at my cup's chipped lip, our clothes
fall down at the foot of the bed.

In our bed rain falls, a warm
shower, birds huddle in the arms
of the cheap chandelier, lizards
leave their tails in the toes
of our shoes, in our house
where everything is allowed.


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