August 2000

Gilbert Allen


Gil Allen Gilbert Allen's latest book of verse is Commandments at Eleven (Orchises, 1994).   New poems have appeared in The Georgia Review, The Southern Review, and The Cortland Review. Allen's short stories have received the South Carolina Fiction Project Award on four occasions, most recently in 1998.
Rednecks and the Men Who Love Them   Click to hear in Real Audio

Somehow, they'd always escaped
my attention, cruising inside their pink
Blazers, broomsticks mounted firmly
on the back windows, ready to fly

off the handle. Double-parked, listening
to Rush Limbaugh on FM, they're inspired
to spit in French—while the men
who love them are still inside

the mall, desperately searching
for the new underwear
that will save their marriage.
On the way home they stop

at some vegetarian dive
to swill and snicker
at Frank Gifford's wife, up there
on the big screen, looking as if

she were still a player.
They boo the Little Dutch Boy
during the commercials, telling him
to keep that finger

right where it belongs.
Meanwhile, the men who love them
sit outside, fingering their boxer shorts
through the plastic wrappers, looking

over their shoulders, waiting
in broad daylight for something,
anything, to rise.



Gilbert Allen: Poetry
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