August 2000

Edward Nobles


Edward Noblesis the author of Through One Tear, published by Peresa Books, a 1997 National book Critics Circle "Notable Book" and The Bluestone Walk, (Persea Books, 2000). He was included on Library Journal's prestigious list of "24 Poets for the 21st Century." He lives in Bangor, Maine.
In the Vegetable Kingdom    Click to hear in real audio

Having failed in its aspirations
to go deeper

into darkness, to escape the heights
and the sun, the carrot withered.

The shrunken wrinkled thing
lay pathetic on the plate

beside the hearty others.
To make matters worse,

there was suddenly night, and the harsh ring
of kitchen light, and the distant

laughter, and the ominous shadow
of the potato.



Edward Nobles: Poetry
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