August 2000

Ed Pavlic


Ed Pavlic Ed Pavlic teaches in the English Department at Union College in Schenectady, New York. His critical and creative work has recently appeared (or will soon appear) in African-American Review, A Gathering of the Tribes, Black Warrior Review, Colorado Review, Cross-Cultural Poetics, DoubleTake, Indiana Review, and Open City.
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that thing he strapped on
   was alive   a torn aorta   sun spots
      & arcs in a

magnetic fog   when he wakes
   off shore   Procyon hovers
      & waits for Sirius

to show   after ten minutes
   they can't talk
      over it

after thirty   they can't
   see thru it   the crowd just
      wants it

to go away   their heads wag
   they moan   a guffaw
      lips move

but they don't hear themselves
   everyone leaves   backs
      slumped   waves

roll past a flailing
   man on their way out
      to shore

a waitress tips out three ways:
   nada nada de nada   bar
      tender's hot

don't nobody drink from
   the blue rail of darkness

later   from behind
   dark shades   he whispers
      into the mic

long dead   we like
   to call that one



Ed Pavlic: Poetry
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