February 2003

Caroline Miller


This marks an author's first online publication Caroline Miller lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her recent work appears online in can we have our ball back? and Prairie Poetry and in print in Good Use and Accurate Key, a broadside series from Single Press. She is working on a chapbook, State, illustrated by her brother David Miller, and on a book of love poems with Chris Martin, called This Is Going To Be A Long Courtship (Single Press).
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An enviable instability,
A ballerina in first, head turned to the left.

Man on bended knee,
Head bowed in supplication.

Cavalry horse clicks to attention,
Printing her paired hooves in the mud.

Hell is full of these broken pitchforks,
Souvenirs of Satan's perfect anger.

Woman on bended knee,
Head resting on mother's lap,
Long hair brushed across and back to the belly.

All balloons fall.
I would pull each string in order
To whirl them out of this funk.

9:35 on the hands of the clock,
Or a switchblade mid-flick.

A masturbatory three, hugging herself and
Rounded out with the swelling bosom of the proud.

The balloon continues its spiral, upwards,
Making 1 circle, and so onwards.



Caroline Miller: Poetry
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