February 2003

Tony Tost


Tony Tost Tony Tost has published poems in Fence, Field, can we have our ball back?, Spinning Jenny, and Quarter After Eight, as well as other journals. He lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas where he plays in a couple of bands: guitar, vocals in Black Cassette; bass in Dora Maar.
I Am Not the Pilot    

I am not a pilot and do not have
the technical knowledge or training
to analyze complicated data.

I am not a pilot but I did spend
22 years keeping those AF jets
repaired and ready for flight.

I love to talk about aircraft
and about our Lord.

Since I am not a pilot
(I only drive my Mustangs)
I am wondering if this data is correct.

I have always been fascinated by aircrafts
(and cars...) but I am not a pilot myself.

I am not the pilot.  

Please do not ask me those questions
as I am not part of their operation.

Although I am not a pilot
I've talked to a few seasoned professionals.

I am not a model nor an actor.  

I am not a pilot nor a teacher.

I am not an athlete.

I, Nicholas Gurley, am not a pilot.

I've studied all of the books,
so I know the basics of hurling
large metal cocoons filled with people into the sky,
but I have not taken the test
that allows me to take over the controls as of yet.

I do, however, know about pilots.
I am not a pilot and I never asked for your message.

I think what pilots do is wonderful.

I am not a pilot, but would be interested
in helping out in other ways.

I would have a hard life as a pilot.

I could only kill in self defense.

I am not a pilot, so I guess I don't understand
that whole "brotherhood".

Q:  You are a pilot? That is SO cool!
A:  I am NOT a pilot.

Since I am not a pilot, I really cannot comment.

Mr. XXL does not know me; else,
he would have known that I am not a pilot.

I do not play Russian Roulette with airplanes,
or otherwise; I value my life.

No, I am not a pilot.

When I take off within the airplane
and feel beneath my feet
that lonely piece of the ground
mysteriously flying in the sky,
my only desire is to leave it ASAP
and fly "on my own".

I know how my parachute works
but know nothing about the strange sounds the airplane makes
what those dozens of airplane indicators mean,
what the pilot is thinking.

I am not a pilot but I am:  [Select an option]

How realistic the sky is,
I just can't say, since I am not a pilot.

I am not a pilot, and I cannot assert anything with 100 percent

Who's in charge then?

I am not a pilot.  

I am not the pilot and I do not own the plane.

I am fairly proficient in martial arts, but I am not a pilot.

Repeat after me, 'I am not the pilot,
I will not attempt to fly the ship.'

Folks I am not a pilot and therefore
I am not at the glamorous end of the sword.

I have no feelings for the machine.

I know what pilots look like.

I am not a pilot but I am beginning to understand the pilot's cause:

it's the same one we all have.



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