August 2007

    ISSUE 36


  Composition 3

"Composition 3"
ink and acrylic on paper, 9" x 13"
Daniel P. Wallace

 Editor's Note

Dear Readers:

Deep summer in the deep South means jazz concerts in the park—they even have them up North, now—and, somehow, as Issue 36 came together, the complex rhythms and phrasings from such a range of voices took on that flavor for me.

For our stunning cover art, we thank the very talented Daniel Wallace, just twenty-one years old. We think his piece, modestly titled "Composition 3," has a vigor highly complementary to the literary efforts here.

Dan, a painter/printmaker living in Baltimore, Maryland, was born in New York, New York. He moved to Baltimore in 2001 to attend the Baltimore School for the Arts. He studied at The Glasgow School of Art in the fall of 2006, and is currently a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. His paintings and prints have been exhibited many times at the institutions he attended, as well as by business establishments, and hang in private collections. Seriously intent on a career in art, he has received commissions for fine art, logo design and poster design. Next, the entire TCR crew joins me in welcoming new staff: Natalie Baszile, a San Francisco mother of two and a recent graduate from Warren Wilson's M.F.A. Program for Writers, joins our team as a fiction editor, and Brian Woodham, currently living in Memphis, TN., is a graduate of Auburn University, with an M.F.A. in poetry in progress. Brian will assist the poetry editors. Welcome Natalie and Brian!

Don't forget TCR's audio upgrade now allows you to hear audio from our pages via Adobe Flash Player, probably already downloaded on your computer. With Flash, audio is instantaneous. If you can't hear the audio, you need to download Flash Player which is free here. Audio designated by the RealAudio symbol from Issues and Features prior to 2007 are still accessible via RealPlayer. RealPlayer can be downloaded free here.

And TCR wishes safe summer travel to all our readers wherever the wandering impulse takes you. If you're staying home, TCR has 10 years of audio and text archived for you to browse with a click on the Authors link on our hone page. Enjoy!

Ginger Murchison


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