August 2007

Susan Bucci Mockler


Susan Bucci Mockler's work has appeared in the Paterson Literary Review, Poet Lore, The California Quarterly, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, and Voices in Italian Americana. She teaches poetry workshops in the Arlington, Va., school system and is the recipient of two Washington Post Grants in the Arts. She lives in Arlington, Va., with her husband and three children.
Aunt Pearl's Pocket Knife    

Digging, someone always digging:
tomatoes, fig trees, geraniums
by the door. The transplanted elm

that died anyway,
the carved wooden box
we almost didn't see

by the edge of the garden.
Its loose hinges glinted
in the sun a small box

buried in dirt, left
by the dead. You're not
supposed to take anything

they said, but the knife
fit in my palm, as though
it were mine. A small silver

pocket knife. I knew it was hers.
She had tackled weeds with it,
dug out twisted burrs embedded

in the hydrangeas, sliced tiny
strawberry nubs for jam,
then dried and folded the knife

into her dress, fingering its blade
smooth as wooden beads on a rosary.



Susan Bucci Mockler: Poetry
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